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Monday, May 30, 2011

This is NOT what it looks like..

When you live alone, certain traits of your personality get accentuated. You get used to the fact that nobody's watching, and you accept..
I am a bit of an insomniac..

Actually, I just have a very erratic sleep pattern. I can almost never sleep when I want to, I sometimes fall asleep for no reason, and the most annoying part is: Often times I wake up with an idea, it becomes the only thing I can think about, and ends up costing me a good night sleep.

For instance, many of my blog posts have been written after 3am. I'd be sitting on my laptop trying to formulate a post and drawing a complete blank for more than an hour, then I decide to give up and just go to bed, thinking "I'll write it tomorrow". About an hour later, I'm out of bed and writing like I just had a barrel of coffee.

Another thing that also has the power to bring me out of bed is music. They say inspiration can strike you at any time. The only thing I know about my source of inspiration is that it probably lives in a different time zone, because the good ideas always seem to come at very unorthodox times. Luckily for my parents and brother, I now live on my own, which spares them the occasional thief-scare when they wake up in the middle of the night to my rummaging through the house. Unluckily for me, I now live in a student room, which basically consists of a small room, a bathroom and a shared kitchen, and that's a lot less space to rummage through, but that's another story I guess..

Which brings me to today's story.

When you live alone, certain traits of your personality get accentuated. You get used to the fact that nobody's watching, and you accept yourself for all that you are. As lovely as that might sound, it makes you overlook some details that you probably shouldn't overlook when the girl you're seeing is sleeping over.

So I wake up with a melody buzzing through my head. It's beautiful, it's perfect, it's exactly what I need for one of the songs I've been writing.
I get up, look at the time: So darn early.. I head towards my synthesizer..
She's still sleeping. If I start playing now I might wake her up.
Alright, I have a ton of music software on my laptop, I can use one of them to write down the melody. I plug my headphones into the laptop and get ready to turn it on..
Wait it's still dark outside. What do you think a brightly lit screen inside the room would do ?
Fine. New plan. Grab the laptop and the headphones, hold on to that melody, and go to the bathroom. After all, it's well isolated and they say that sitting on the toilet can be inspirational..

Twenty minutes later I had my idea written down, I had listened to it for a few times and I was very happy with the result. With a huge smile on my face I step out of the bathroom, laptop and headphones in hand, ready to get some sleep again, when she asks me:

"What were you doing in there ?"

No, it was not easy explaining this one.

Recommended media: The Machinist (movie)


May 30, 2011 at 11:16 AM Sareen

This CRACKED me up! Hilarious Fadi :D I'm just trying to imagine what she was thinking when she saw you coming out of the bathroom :D

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