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Friday, September 10, 2010

Rachel's Secret Part 2 - When Molly left Fadi

Molly slowly put down her bags and turned around. She hadn't anticipated Rachel waking up to her fleeing, but there she was...
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"Going Somewhere?"

Molly slowly put down her bags and turned around. She hadn't anticipated Rachel waking up to her fleeing, but there she was, at the top of the staircase, looking at her.

"Gee Molly, that's a whole lot of stuff you got there-"
Molly knew exactly what Rachel was about to say, and she did not want to hear it.
- Rachel.. What are you doing up so late?
- Are you sure that's what you want to talk about now, with one foot out the door?

Molly took a deep breath, cleared her throat and softly said:

- You're right. I'm leaving. Tell your dad I'm sorry.

She turned around and reached for her bags when Rachel interrupted her again, as she made her way down the stairs into the hall.

- What? No you tell him. I'm pretty sure sorry won't do. Aren't you even leaving a note or something?
- A note to say what?
- Gee I don't know... You could start by explaining how one night you feel like you're lost without him and the next you're all packed up and ready to leave in the middle of the night. I'd say he deserves at least that, given what he did to help you with David's-
- Don't finish that.

Molly's voice was now trembling. She turned around to face Rachel and said:

- You want to tell me that I'm an ungrateful piece of garbage? Don't you think that it's exactly what I've been telling myself lately? It's just that your dad's been so great helping me with .. David, and I-
- And you're leaving.
- And I feel superfluous! Your father is great, and he loves you. He also misses your mother... You know it's like having two cars that have been totaled from opposite sides, you take whatever's left of both, put it all together, and you have something drivable again. It's great except I'm not your mother, and David's still dead. I don't want you to be a replacement kid for my dead son Rachel...
- Who said anything about replacing-
- Your dad looks at me and finds hope for a life with his wife, a life that was taken from him. I look at you and I still see traces of David.

Molly paused for a moment. She looked for a reaction in Rachel's eyes, but all there was there was confusion.

- I love your father, and I know he loves me... But we can't do this to each other... Goodnight Rachel. Take good care of him for me.

Molly grabbed her bags and headed out to her car. A chill ran across her skin as the night breeze gently caressed her face.

- What if I need to call you? Do you know where you're going?

Rachel had followed her outside in her pajamas, and was standing, arms wrapped tightly around her shivering body.

- I'm not sure. I'll call you when I settle down somewhere if you promise to keep it between us.
- You have to promise me something in return then: Call him in the morning and explain all this to him. He'll understand, I promise.

Molly nodded, stepped into her car and started the engine. With a final sigh she looked at the picture of David she had pinned to her dashboard and drove away.

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