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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

To the past and back

What do you say to someone who went from the single most important being in your life to a complete stranger in so little time ?
Eight years had gone by, and they hadn't really spoken through most of them. Both their lives had changed, they were different people living halfway across the globe from each other. There truly was no reason for that thought to exist, and yet it was there, defying all logic: "Reconnect".

What do you say to someone who went from the single most important being in your life to a complete stranger in so little time ?
You could just start with 'Hello'...
No... I don't want to find myself in that situation where nobody has anything left to say after the first few minutes of small talk... I like this silence, I'm used to it, but if I start talking and nothing happens, then the silence would kill me. I can handle being a stranger, but I can't deal with the possibility of being meaningless. I know we haven't talked for years, but deep down we'll always have all these things we left unsaid... if I talk now and it ends in indifference... I just don't like indifference, you know...

And then all of a sudden, there she was, as if his thought called out to her. She was online, and her status displayed a snide comment: Something to do with men and assholes

Well that's your opener right there. Start off with a joke, and maybe catch up a little. Eight years man, I'm sure you'll find at least something interesting to say !

And so he did. And by the end of it, he wouldn't know how to describe it even to himself. She was almost a completely different person, and yet she was just as perfect as she used to be. Worst of all, in the midst of her perfection, he found all the right things to say, there were no awkward silences, no big diversions... they didn't pick up from where they left off, they didn't talk about all the things they left unsaid, they just talked, and it felt great.

The following day, they talked again. And the day after that, and the day after that... And no matter how long their conversations lasted, they always had things to say, and he still thought she was perfect.

Then one day he made up his mind. He had to see her again, in the flesh. Their relationship had been building up again for months now, and he feared he might miss the opportunity for the inevitable, and so he made all the arrangements and set out to spend a few days on her side of the world.

The stars were aligned, and everything was ready. There was nothing more he could have asked for.
But he was a coward, and always will be. He came to her as a long lost friend, and by the time he left, he was much less: He was an opportunity that simply turned into a disappointment. He returned to his world, and they kept talking, but the stars were no longer aligned, the magic was fading, and soon enough, she found her way into the arms of another man.


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