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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Kill your neighbor: The overcrowding effect

There is a need for silence that comes to us all sometimes. There is also a need to be alone. I for one, used to pick the bathroom in times..
There is a need for silence that comes to us all sometimes.
There is also a need to be alone.

I for one, used to pick the bathroom in times of such needs.
There is something about a tiny little room where the only sound you hear is the echo of your own noise, that makes it so relaxing. The minute you shut the door on yourself, the world disappears.
I guess that would work just as well if I had my own bedroom at the time, but one does with what one has, and the bathroom was the only place where I found both silence and solitude.

I need to make a point, and so I'll make it fast:
Every morning, you wake up and go to work. Unless you're very high up on the foodchain in your place of business, you don't have your own office, and so you're surrounded with people who have their eyes on you, and who expect you to be nice and civilized when addressed to.

You go back to your apartment, where you're most often not alone. You live with your parents, or possibly a roommate, but most importantly you live with your neighbors. The smaller your apartment, the thinner your walls, the more likely you are to think about my topic for today: Shooting your neighbor

I think it's amazing how little things tend to get to you, and start piling up until you find yourself making an issue out of something as little as someone parking a bit over the line and into your parking spot.

And here comes my point: The less private space we have, or should I say 'the more crowded our private space is', the more we tend to get angry and fight over small meaningless things. I think silence and solitude are essential for our mental well-being. And while we spend most of our day with other people, being 'civilized', we need some time for ourselves where we can be alone, and have the option of doing anything we want. We might do absolutely nothing, just as much as we might want to skip around the house naked. There's a whole spectrum of things we might like to do when we're alone. It's the fact that we can't do most of them that keeps us pissed off. It's the fact that we have neighbors either living with us or around us, that makes the smallest opportunities for us to be free utterly restricted, and that, makes us snap on the most meaningless things.

I found a house in the middle of nowhere, far from people and judgement, to be an absolute delight when needed. So if you're stressed, take a few days off, and head for the most remote place you can think of. You'll find that being away from the people you see everyday can be quite a relief.
However, it's the people we carry in our own heads that might be problematic then.


September 6, 2009 at 2:00 PM marie-rose

Long live earplugs
But again, they don't take care of "the people we carry in our own heads"

September 11, 2009 at 2:36 PM Lara

There was no better way to explain my current state of mind Fadi!! unbelievable!!
simply love it!! :)

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