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Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Remember the time when mailboxes were limited to a couple hundred kilobytes of storage, and you had to make sure you only kept the very important...
Remember the time when mailboxes were limited to a couple hundred kilobytes of storage, and you had to make sure you only kept the very important emails ? Every time your mailbox would fill up, you'd have to go through whatever you kept and decide what is of lesser importance and hence had to go ...
If you don't remember those days, then you probably never had to do the old 'spring cleaning' ritual on your mailbox.

In either case, if you quickly check how many emails your mailbox holds today, you're quite likely to have somewhere between 500 and a few thousand emails, most of which you probably don't remember getting. In a way, your emails retrace your steps, highlighting the people that were important to you in every era of your life, the phases you went through ... it's almost like taking a picture of yourself every few days, and going back to check the whole album after a few years, except each picture captures a different angle of your inner self. Granted, some emails will tell very little about you, but some will bring back interesting details, and just a select few will make your jaw drop with surprise and nostalgia.

Here's what I want you to do: Go to the last page of you mailbox, start going through your old mail in chronological order, and reconnect with your old self. I'm sure there's a lot in there that you've completely forgotten about and that will probably draw quite a smile on your face once you read it again, even if it relates to people and situations you have long since lost contact with.

Naturally, you might have a harder time separating the useless from the interesting stuff if you've never done any cleanups, but the eventual result will be the same:

You will rediscover your old self under a completely new light, you will be reading the mail of a person that is probably long gone, that time has long since changed, but most of whose essence is still somewhere deep within you...

On a last note, I was going through my old mail when I came across a little (or rather long) something written by someone I used to be quite close to. In 2002 I had asked this person to write a sort of definition of me, as a means to help me know myself better, and that email was the result of this 'experiment'. I never thought a crazy idea spawned by a teenager-me such as this would bring about such an interesting text that I would enjoy reading so many years later.

As that friend says (or quotes I'm not sure) :

"Le roman le plus important est soi-meme"


May 30, 2009 at 1:40 PM Sarah

I like this.

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