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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Let's not talk about Gaza...

I got this image in the mail today. The first thing I thought was "What a lie ... these Palestinians in Gaza are...
I got this image in the mail today.

The first thing I thought was

"What a lie ... these Palestinians in Gaza are no longer fighting with stones, they have rockets now"

but then again, the Israelis don't have 18th century artillery either ... so I guess the primitive Palestinian rockets are to the Israeli arsenal what sling shots are to primitive artillery.

So I turned on the news, and checked the damage. (of course that's a lie, I've been following the news since the attacks started, but I'm guessing turning the news on at this point of the story gives it a more dramatic effect)

Although the imagery was horrifying, I have to admit I wasn't surprised. The israeli war machine has a few habits that it's not willing to let go of, and the international community has a way of classifying it as either "self-defense", or "an unbalanced use of force". Of course the closer you get geographically to Palestine, the harsher the words about the action itself get. For instance, the US claimed this operation falls under israel's right to defend itself. In Europe, the operation was merely condemned because it was too violent (I guess the israelis have to kill palestinians at their normal rate for things to be just violent enough for the europeans). In the Middle East, leaders are calling for israeli leaders to be charged with war crimes, and an exceptional meeting of arab foreign ministers has been scheduled for Wednesday 31st of December. Of course on the first day of the offensive, the meeting was set for the next friday 2nd of January, then someone must've noticed that the damage might've been too great by then.

Of course the most unsurprising thing the arab leaders could come up with in tomorrow's meeting, is a generic condemnation of the offensive, and a plead to the UN security council to step in and stop the fighting. We all saw how well that worked when israel was attacking Lebanon in July 2006. I don't foresee such a condemnation to do much, especially that Israeli officials have stated that they have no interest in a truce with Hamas, and since Hamas hasn't been inflicting much damage to the israeli army, I honestly don't see why they would.

If I may, another thing that wouldn't surprise me about tomorrow's meeting would be that not a single arab country would take a firm stance on the issue, and actually do something about it. I'm not calling for open war between the arab world and Israel, but at least, cutting diplomatic and economic ties, closing Israeli embassies, or whatever other leverage they can come up with, as long as it doesn't include a military effort. Someone needs to put a stick in Israel's plan, and the best someone to do it now, are the arab leaders.

Of course, they are too busy fighting over what Hizbullah Leader Hassan Nasrallah said, god forbid they miss a chance to verbally abuse each other when so many lives are at stake.

So let's not talk about Gaza anymore. I have yet to see a war end because people talked the sh*t out of it. Take it as a very economical and political equation: This war won't end until either there are no more palestinians to kill, or a big stick gets shoved deep into Israel's incentives.
Don't be so stupid as to hope for the first option.

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