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Thursday, July 30, 2009

An 11/9 Story

Today we were finally going back to our new home. The last three days hadn't been so good for mommy and I: she gets worried when I get sick...
Today we were finally going back to our new home.
The last three days hadn't been so good for mommy and I: she gets worried when I get sick and I don't really like hospitals. Everybody is really nice to you when you're a sick kid, and even more so when you're spending two nights at the hospital. For three days mom barely left my room, she even slept on the couch next to my bed, and the nurses were all very nice. But all this time I was thinking that if I hadn't been sick, I could've been playing in the garden of our new home.
That garden is just for me. Daddy told me so when we moved in a few days ago. Actually, it's for me and the new baby, when he comes, but for now I am the king of the garden.

Every once in a while we would go to Lebanon visit grandpa and my aunties, and everyone would start asking mom and dad when they would move back to Lebanon. Mom and Dad always say 'soon', but I know it's not very true, because I sometimes overhear them talk when they're alone, and dad often says "There's no decent work in Lebanon. I'd like for us to go back to Lebanon, but it doesn't seem like I have a choice". Mom doesn't say much to dad about it, I guess she doesn't want to make him sad that she left her job in Lebanon to be with him in KSA.

It was almost dark when we finally made it home. We had dinner real quick, then Dad came to my room and tucked me in. I was finally in my new bed again. I kissed daddy goodnight, waited for him to turn off the lights, then closed my eyes.

I woke up to the sound of fireworks. I rushed to the window hoping for a show, but the sky was pitch black. It was the middle of the night.
Suddenly I heard people shouting on the street. My room was on the second floor, so I had to lift my body on the window sill to see what was going on. A big car was heading down the street, a gun coming out of it was shooting rounds in the air. I guess it wasn't fireworks after all.
What made me worry, was that the car slowed down right in front of my garden, then pulled into our driveway. I had to tell Dad. I lowered myself back onto the floor, and started heading towards mom and dad's room.

I hadn't gone two steps away from the window when a ear-blasting noise cracked through the midnight air, and a powerful shock threw me face first on the floor.

The explosion damaged most houses on the street of the Muhaya compound where we lived. Later that night, Dad, Mom and I were found under the rubbles of our new house.

At least our bodies were.

Based on the events of the Muhaya compound explosion in Riyadh,
November 9th, 2003.

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