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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The reason why Palestinians throw rocks and Indians don’t

The most idiotic thing Palestinians could believe, is that the American administration would be sympathetic to their cause...
The most idiotic thing Palestinians could believe, is that the American administration would be sympathetic to their cause.
I won’t go on blabbering about how the American administration is run by Jewish/Zionist lobbyists who are incredibly biased towards the fate of Israeli lives, even if that may be true. It could be a complete load of feces for all I care, my take on the issue has nothing to do with it.

But before I try to fix the mess I’ve made in the first two lines of this post, join me and step into the way back machine for a second.

A while after Christopher Columbus discovered America, the most powerful European countries rushed at the opportunity of the promising riches of the new continent. Little did they care that the new continent had its own inhabitants, after all this was the time of empires, and nothing was allowed to stand in the way of the expansion of an empire. So when the Native Americans saw the Europeans coming, and after they realized the invaders had no friendly intentions, they proceeded to defending their land, culture, heritage, and most importantly, they fought for their own survival. Unfortunately for the Native Americans, the superiority of the European war machine made it so that it wasn’t much of a battle, as much as it was a massacre. And so, after a successful occupation of the new continent, fortunes were made for the European empires, and around three hundred years later, the greatest nation on Earth was born: The United States of America.

What happened to the remaining Native Americans? They lost most of their land and wealth. Ask them if they lead happy lives, I won’t pretend to know.

What does this have to do with the fact that Palestinians throw rocks? Not much.
But it does say something about American, and European, tradition. Expecting the American administration to be sympathetic to the Palestinian cause is pretty much like expecting a prostitute to have an agenda against pre-marital sex: Both have for long been acting according to principles that are the exact opposite of what you are hoping they would embrace.

Now why is it that Palestinians throw rocks and Indians don’t? I’m guessing it must be a cultural difference. Either that, or the fact that Native Americans lost their land hundreds of years ago, and grew tired of fighting back, while Palestinians lost theirs "only" sixty years ago.


May 18, 2012 at 4:27 AM Anonymous

I rather like your opinion on the issue. :)

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